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My first article on parrots, about my Red-bellied (Maroon-bellied) Conures, was published by Cage & Aviary Birds in the 1960s. Since then many hundreds of my articles have been published in aviculturral magazines worldwide.  To take one year at random, 149 articles that I submitted to magazines in 1998 were published. These days I write fewer articles partly to concentrate more on writing books and because a good  many of the magazines I was writing for then have, sadly, ceased publication.

My main topics are parrots and conservation but my articles also describe other exotic birds, British birds and my travels. They have been translated into a dozen or so languages.

Those published here are just a few of those which I believe are important. They will be added to as time permits.
                             Breeders, White Cockatoos
and Weaning Parrots
                             Beneficial Berries
                                   Looking Back: Loro Parque 1987-1989
                             Is That Toy Safe?
                                 Birds Have Feelings
                             Lorikeet Exhibits in Zoos
                             Moluccan Cockatoo
                             Are you a Caring Breeder?
                            Unwanted Parrots
Bird Fancier's Lung
Stella's Lorikeet
                              Tips -- not secrets -- from 50 years of parrot breeding


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