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Rosemary Low has published more books and articles on parrots than anyone -- alive or dead!


Books published in English (chronological order)

 Aviary Birds.  * Arco, 1968.
   The Parrots of South America.  *Gifford, 1972.  Click here for more info
Care for your Budgerigar. * Mason, 1973

 Beginner's Guide to Birdkeeping. * London: Pelham Books, 1974.

 Mynah Birds.*  Bartholomew, 1976
   Lories and Lorikeets. * Elek, 1977.  Click here for more info

 How to keep Parrots, Cockatiels and Macaws in cage or aviary. * Bartholomew, 1980.
   Parrots : Their Care and Breeding * Blandford, 1980. 
     “                   “                     “     *  Blandford, 1986 Revised and enlarged ed.
       “                   “                    “      *  Blandford, 1991 Third edition
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 Amazon Parrots (paintings: Elizabeth Butterworth, text Rosemary Low), Basilisk, 1983
   Endangered Parrots. * Blandford, 1984
        “                  “     *  Blandford, 1994 Revised edition
 Click here for more info
   Keeping Parrots. * Blandford, 1985.

 Parrots and Related birds. * Hamlyn, 1986.
   Hand-rearing Parrots and other birds. * Blandford, 1987.
              “                           “                    Blandford, 1991 Revised edition
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   Parrots : A Complete Guide. * Merehurst, 1988.  Click here for more info
   Macaws : A Complete Guide. * Merehurst, 1990.
   Parrots in Aviculture: a Photo Reference Guide. * Blandford, 1992.
   Cockatoos in Aviculture.  Blandford Press, 1993 
         “                  “        *  Hampshire Breeders and Books, 2003, 
revised edition
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   Parrot Quiz Book no.1. Insignis, 1997.  Click here for more info
   Hancock House Encyclopedia of the Lories. Hancock House, Canada/USA, 1998.  Click here for more info
   Why does my parrot...? Souvenir, 2000.
       “                “           Souvenir, 2009, revised edition, paperback                         “                “           Souvenir 2011 e-book.
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  The Loving Care of Pet Parrots. Hancock House , Canada/USA, 2000  Click here for more info
   Pionus Parrots. * Dona Publications, Czech Republic, 2002.
   Fabulous Feathers, Remarkable Birds. Insignis Publications, 2003.  Click here for more info
   Caiques. Dona,  Czech Republic, 2003 Out of Print
   Amazon Parrots: Aviculture, Trade and Conservation. Insignis Publications, 2005.  Out of Print
   The Parrot Companion. New Holland Publishers, 2006.  Click here for more info
   Guide to Grey Parrots. Australian Birdkeeper, 2006.  Click here for more info
   A Century of Parrots. Insignis Publications, 2007.  Click here for more info
   Go West for Parrots! Insignis Publications2009.  Click here for more info
   Parrots and Finches: healthy nutrition, 2012. Insignis Publications  Click here for more info
   Pyrrhura Parakeets (Conures), 2013. Insignis Publications  Click here for more info
 Understanding Parrots - Cues from Nature, 2014. Insignis Publications  Click here for more info

Lories and Lorikeets - 45 Years' Experience, 2016. Insignis Publications Click here for more info

 * Out of print -- but most titles can be found by searching the internet

Foreign language editions
 Parrots, their care and breeding
 German   Das Papageien Buch  1983 Ulmer 
 Spanish  Loros y Afines  1994  Omega
 Keeping Parrots
 Portuguese   A Criaçao de Papagaios  1985  Editorial Presença
 Parrots: A Complete Guide
 Dutch  Papegaaien  1989   Uitgeverij Helmond
 Italian  I Pappagalli  1991   Mursia 
 Macaws: A Complete Guide
 Czech  Arové v prírode i lidské péci   2001  Dona 
 Parrot Breeding 
 German   Papageien Zucht  1998   Michael Biedenbänder
 Korean   2013
 Why Does my Parrot…?
 Czech  Proc muy papousek   2002 Dona
 German  Papageien sind einfach anders  2000, 2008  Ulmer
 Pionus Parrots 
 Czech  Amazonci rodu Pionus  2002  Dona
 German  Weissbauchpapageien  2003  Michael Biedenbänder
 Czech  Amazónci rodu Pionites  2003 Dona
 Amazon Parrots, Aviculture, Trade and Conservation
 Czech    Amazonané   2004  Dona
 The Parrot Companion
 French   Vivre avec un perroquet    2007    Ulmer
 Dutch   Papegaaien Handboek  2007   Veltman Uitgevers
 Hungarian  Tarsunk, a papagai  2008    Alexandra
 Parrots and Finches: healthy nutrition
 Czech  Vyziva Papousku   2013    Dona
Czech Chov Papousku 2015   Dona
Italian Lori e Lorichetti 2016  Insignis Publication






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