In 2019 New Holland Publishers
will publish my book on Parrot Conservation.
It is completed but the title has not yet been finalised.
Watch this space for more information!

Based on 45 years of keeping and breeding lories and lorikeets, this book is an in-depth guide to maintaining lories under optimum conditions and providing a nutritious and varied diet.
112 pages, 50 colour photos.
50 Fotos a colori
112 pagine
25 Euros una copia, posta pagata
45 Euros 2 libri, posta pagata

196 pages, 210mm x 210mm,
20 Colour Illustrations, 56 Mono Photos
Publication date October 1 2014
                     PYRRHURA PARAKEETS  (CONURES)
Aviculture, Natural History and Conservation
262 pages, 70 colour photos, 20 maps
Publication date October 1 2013
                   Parrots and Finches: healthy nutrition
176 pages, 45 colour photos
Chapters include:
The importance of Vitamin A in preventing disease
Cultivated fruits, vegetables and flowers
Calcium supplementation to prevent bone deformities
Suggested Diets for many groups of parrots and finches
Nature's Harvest
Soaking and sprouting
Rearing foods
Grow your own
Seeds and their Nutrients
                  Go West for Parrots!
An inspiring travel book for lovers of parrots and nature. 320 pages, 100 mono illustrations, 18 maps; paperback.

                  A Century of Parrots
A unique book that relates the history of parrots in the 20th century.
284 pages.  Large format. 300 photographs.
Full of amazing facts and photographs that will keep any parrot lover turning page after page.
                   A Guide to Grey Parrots as Pet and Aviary Birds
168 pages, 270 colour photos
Available from ABK Publications, Australia

Amazon Parrots: Aviculture, Trade and Conservation

320 pages, 170 colour photographs, plus maps. Hardback.  

Amazon Parrots: Aviculture, Trade and Conservation by Rosemary Low is a useful and attractive book. The first part is a general account divided into 11 chapters dealing with Amazon parrots in aviculture, as companion birds and in the wild. The second part focuses on the individual species accounts.
Soft cover, 86 pages, 25 colour photographs
What is a Caique?                         Breeding Caiques
Captive History                             Hand-rearing
Care and Housing                         Health Care
Diet and Nutrition                          In the Wild
Caiques as Pets                            Your Questions Answered
                   Fabulous Feathers, Remarkable Birds
370 pages, 100 black and white, 13 colour photographs
Part 1. Beauty, Love and Endurance
Part 2. The Struggle for Survival
Part 3. A Helping Hand from Man
The Loving Care of Pet Parrots 
                     Why does my Parrot?  
Encyclopedia of Lories 
                   Parrot Breeding 
Published in  1998 by Rob Harvey.  162 pages, 60 colour photos, soft cover.
                   Parrot Quiz Book 

Paperback,  92 pages, plus photo quiz.

The questions are grouped under 13 different headings ie General, African Parrots, Aviculture, Cockatiels, Lovebirds etc. with 12 questions in each quiz. There is a special section that Rosemary has included for  Australian parrot lovers, because of the limited access to the wide range of exotic species. The questions have been designed to be informative with most of them based on fact, rather than opinion.
             Parrot Breeding Register
All your breeding and stock records under one cover, or keep register in birdroom until you transfer details to computer.
94 pages, laminated cover


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