The Loving Care of Pet Parrots

1999 ISBN 0-88839-439-X Many photos, 28 in colour.  Published in  USA/Canada by and available from Hancock House Publishers.

  The Loving Care of Pet Parrots


There are 20 chapters within the 192 page book and the first starts by asking if you should be a parrot owner. On the choice of species, Cockatiels are classed as the perfect pet for most families, but disadvantages are noted, such as its shrill voice. Then on to the larger species for the more experienced. I think Rosemary states this very well: “A parrot can be the ultimate pet -- a companion for life, daily bringer of joy and affection. Or it can be a noisy nuisance, unloved and unwanted. So much depends on the person caring for it -- their attitude, discipline and affection.”

If a new parrot owner reads this book from cover to cover many mistakes will be avoided, more pleasure gained and much learnt in the process. Many newcomers to caring for parrots are not aware of the dangers of household sprays, electrical cords, sinks full of water, windows and other pets. Gas heaters can be a big problem as can non-stick pans and open fires or old lead paint.

To end this review there is no better way than with a quote from this great little book of Rosemary’s, where she says  “Through our birds we can instil in others the importance of being at one with the natural world. We can use our close association with certain birds in our home to show how birds have an intelligent awarenessthat equals our own. They are therefore as deserving of respect as any human being -- more so, some might say, since they are at one with their world. We are not.” --DAWN STEWART, Parrots New Zealand.


From a reader, June 2002:

“I read it twice and will read it again,  I’m sure. It should be required reading before purchasing an exotic bird. It is an excellent ‘manual’. ... My only issue is wing clipping. I really didn’t know any other option but to clip their wings. After reading your book, I am re-thinking the entire concept. Here in the US, as you noted, we are scolded if the wings are not clipped. I have learned a great deal from your publications and that has allowed my birds to benefit from your vast experience and knowledge.” -- J.TRADDIS.



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