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2015 edition
"If I was a parrot I would want to be looked after by Rosemary Low! Her latest revised and updated book provides all the knowledge a parrot owner requires. Whether you are new to parrots or have been an owner for a while, this book has something to offer you. Giving direction, sharing information and offering solutions, Rosemary educates the reader on all aspects of parrot care. In my opinion, don't delay. Buy this fantastic book today!"
Lynda Wesson, organiser, Leicester Parrot Club.

Veterinary Record June 27 2015

“… has been significantly revised and updated.  It is a useful addition to every practice library… The need for time, patience, kindness and perseverance is emphasised continually… The author provides sound comments on attitudes to parrots, and the need for education in their needs, to breeders, dealers and pet-bird owners.  
This book is a valuable aid to any  would-be parrot keeper, as well as to a veterinarian interested in developing the avian side of the practice. --- Alan K. Jones.

Australian Aviculture June 2015

The release of the revised edition will prove popular among parrot enthusiasts… I can thoroughly recommend this book to all parrot lovers as it portrays a great insight into the minds of these birds. 
The knowledge gained will, I am sure, enrich the lives of our parrots and also add greatly to the relationship with birds we enjoy so much. -- Warwick Remington.

As an avid collector of parrot books, both old and new, since the 1950s, I couldnt wait to get my copy of Rosemary Lows new book Why does my ParrotWhen it arrived I thought I would glance through it, and then put it to one side for a more leisurely read but I could not put the book down until I had read it from cover to cover.

I have shared my home with various pet parrots for the past 38 years, and am part of a national telephone helpline for people with parrot problems, and here is a book that deals with just about every problem you could think of. Rosemary not only gives the solution in a down to earth way but, more importantly, also  explains why birds are behaving in the manner they are. So many pet parrot owners forget that their cuddly hand-reared baby is only a couple of generations away from its wild ancestors, and the book shows how vital it is to understand the birds natural instincts before you can understand the birds problems. 

Finally, the cartoons should be reason alone for it to be on any parrot lovers Christmas list. There cannot be one of us who doesnt relate to at least one of the  drawings. When you are buying your new bird and its cage and toys, make sure this book is part of your purchases. It will save a lot of headaches at a later date, and you will love reading it. -- AVRIL BARTON, Cage and Aviary Birds, November 25, 2000.

REVISED EDITION published 2007.

This title by Rosemary Low aims to demystify parrot behaviour  as well as helping the parrot owner to understand the psychology of the  parrots in their care. Although the book is aimed at the pet bird owner it provides a great deal of information that can be of use to the aviculturist.

Part one discusses the various factors that affect a parrots behaviour such as the personality of the owner, health, diet, colours, socialisation, ageing and the method of your parrots hand-rearing. In part two life in the wild is described as well as the various types of parrots that are available. There are approximately 50 species in the worldwide pet trade which range from lories and cockatoos to the large macaws.

The third section gives an in-depth account of some 70 behavioural problems and outlines how they can be avoided or solved. A large part of this section is taken up with the use of questions and answers. These actual case histories come from the many years of experience Rosemary has had in answering questions about parrots.

Perhaps one comment from the book best explains the authors reason for writing it: A parrot is a pet for life -- not until you get tired of it. If you cannot make that commitment, a short-lived creature like a guinea pig is the pet for you. Throughout the book Rosemarys passion for parrots and their well-being is displayed by her overriding desire to extol best practice for the parrots in the owner’s care.  I can thoroughly recommend this books to parrot lovers as it portrays a great insight into the minds of parrots…” -- Warwick Remington, Australian Aviculture, March 2007.



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