Parrot Quiz Book  £4.95

Paperback,  92 pages, plus photo quiz.

ISBN 0 9531337-0-2

 Review from Australian Birdkeeper magazine

What a terrific idea! From one of the most prolific avicultural writers and authorities in the world today, Rosemary Low has compiled this wonderful little book. Consisting of 92 pages, it is absolutely packed with questions and answers, in fact 644 questions with accompanying answers, Graded for Standard, Advanced and Expert aviculturists. A wonderful way to while away the hours when youre not cleaning cages, feeding birds, changing perches or hanging nest-boxes.

The questions are grouped under 13 different headings ie General, African Parrots, Aviculture, Cockatiels, Lovebirds etc. with 12 questions in each quiz. There is a special section that Rosemary has included for  Australian parrot lovers, because of the limited access to the wide range of exotic species. The questions have been designed to be informative with most of them based on fact, rather than opinion.


Some examples are as follows:

Standard Quiz No 7, Question 5 -- 

Eclectus Parrots are mainly seed eaters. True or false?

Advanced Quiz No 15, Question 9. 

How many tail feathers do parrots have -- with one exception?

Expert Quiz No 34, Question 10. 

Name the two species of parrot which have brush tongues but which are not lories or lorikeets?


A great little book that will bring hours of pleasure to any parrot fancier.




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